Thursday, March 27, 2014

Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery - March 11 (+playlist)

Worth stealing poem

Worth stealing
By Amy Smith

This is a new head spinning feeling
Do I have a heart even worth stealing

Accept all than I am ms and all
Then I won't be so scared to fall

I'll accept you for what you are
Won't care if you end up at a bar

Just to taste your smile
Itd be worth while

I'm not a young chicken head
Id rather be the one who listens to all you've said

Don't want just your body inside me
I'm different I'll show you you'll see

So you decided to Go Fish
I'll be your greatest dish

You've had all the wrong girls
Time for a woman in pearls

You'll be glad you met me
Give it time you'll see

This is my new feeling
Your hearts  what I'm stealing

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kurt cobain murdered

Kurt cobain on the illuminati