Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dream Colors

"Education in today's society can be easily attained... if one has the passion to seek it out..."
~Genesis FireMoon

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For your Book of Shadows from mine One Dream Colors reference page ready to be printed out and put into your personal Book of Shadows for only $2.00!!!

by Priestess Genesis FireMoon

This is not a physical book, this is an electronic digital file delivered via email.

File Specs
Format: .PDF File
Programs Needed to View and Print: Adobe Acrobat Reader and Winzip
Shipping on ALL Digital Files and eBooks is FREE!!

· Free Unzipping program from www.winzip.com; free easy to use program that easily unzips compressed documents.
· Free Adobe Acrobat Reader and View programs allows you to easily use the program to view .PDF documents and has the capabilitiy to print your eBooks off for you if you wish to do so.
· All Digital Files and/or eBooks sold by Between the Realms and Intoxicating Incantation are all in .EXE, .PDF, or as specified in the listing.
· Please make sure that you have these programs available on your computer to view and print off your Digital Items.

An E-Book is an Electronic Book that is a lot cheaper than an actual book.

By purchasing an E-Book you are paying for the information that is in the book rather than the paper and binding.

The benefits of E-Books are unlimited!!
You can print E-Books on ANY and ALL types of papers, the only limitation is your imagination!

You can build your own Electronic Library easily on your computer and E-Books can be easily saved on disks or floppies for back up copies.

E-Books are a fun and affordable way to learn and read about all the topics that you want to learn about!

E-Books are a digital file that are shipped via an attachment to an email, which means NO shipping costs for you!!

Saving Trees by paying for information and not the paper and binding is also excellent Karma!

Start your own E-Library right here.

Intoxicating Incantation

"Please Join our community today.... Hope to see you there... Blessed Be!"
~Genesis FireMoon


PayPal is Preferred.
Credit Cards via Paypal

PayPal address is msamyleesmith622@gmail.com
We do not accept Cash because it is to big of a risk for your money to get lost or stolen.


Please ask ALL Questions before Bidding or Buying Now.

If you have any questions regarding Paganism, Wicca, or Witchcraft please feel free to email IntoxicatingIncantation@yahoo.com

We will be more than happy to answer your questions, we are always here to help any way we can.

All questions will be answered in a timely manner.

You can also add us on Yahoo Instant Messenger by adding IntoxicatingIncantation ID to your friends list, we are truly committed to your satisfaction!


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print any E-Books and you can pick up a free version at www.Adobe.com.

You will also need Winzip or an unzipping program to unzip your files.

You can pick up a free version of Winzip at www.winzip.com.

All E-Books and Digital Files are printable on any printer.


Shipping insurance is offered on all physical items. It is not required but it is recommended.

Any physical items purchased without insurance is not the responsibility of the seller.

Shipping on ALL digital files and E-Books will be via Email Attachment and/or url download. A confirmation email is sent to ensure you recieved your digital merchandise.

All files are shipped within 24 hours of recieving payment reciept.

If you do not see your file in your inbox within that time please check your Spam or Bulk folder.

There are NO Refunds or Returns on ANY digital files or E-Books.

There are NO Refunds or Returns on AS IS listed items or Custom Items.

All other items returned there will be a 25% Restocking Fee and Return shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer.

Shipping costs are not refunded.

There are NO Refunds on ANY Herbs due to Health precautions.


This listing is in compliance with all downloadable media policies.

Between the Realms and Intoxicating Incantation have Master Resell Rights to this material.

No trademarks or copyrights have been violated in this listing.

Between the Realms and Intoxicating Incantation are the only authorized resellers of all works created and authored by Genesis FireMoon.

There are no resell rights granted with the purchase of this sale of the original works of Genesis FireMoon.

Do not ingest any herb until talking to your primary care physician.

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