Monday, November 18, 2013

They Call Me Ashton

They Call Me Ashton by Amy Smith They all thought I didn't know Named Amy and they all blame me Something goes wrong in your life Treat Ashton with unbearable strife My alter ego has long been Genesis Let's scramble her brain add a twist She's so Ashton Kutcher pretty She has to belong down town in the city You never gave Amy a chance Genesis FireMoon had to be a drug induced trance Let's call her Ashton until she goes crazy The girl likes to primp because she's not lazy Cinderella dressed in yella one more heartbreak by a no good fella
No man is even worthy can't handle me so i curtsey call me a bald bitch or even an evil witch i must be psycho because your so blue boo hoo fuck you too i will not immortalize your ignorance you obviously are not a damn prince your a cheater and woman beater

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