Sunday, January 5, 2014

Poetry wound

Poetry wound
Amy Smith

He never deserved me
Any fool can see

Change all that you are
Move your life out far

I'm what you've been waiting for
Just change starting at your core

You and your soul are lies
You are not what you advertise

Can't turn a scared boy into a man
Reveal your so called truth all you can

Breakfast in bed Daddy likes eggs
Don't touch me between crossed legs

Cared for all your seeds
Took care of your sexual needs

Kneel before God and repent
For it is I to you he sent

My halo fell to the ground
Wings burned all around

For you there is no other
I pay for the sins of another

You made me cry and cry
Your soul bled itself dry

Nothing in you is real
A boy can't decide what to feel

I'm not an alarm clock or a maid
It was good I never stayed

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